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What you should pay attention to when selling a German helmet.

What you should pay attention to when selling a German helmet.

If you become the owner of a German helmet, do not rush to rejoice and check the prices for German helmets on the Internet by drawing an analogy with your helmet.
AND). Helmet model, what kind of helmet model are you holding?
Common models of German helmets M42, M40, M35, M18, M16, depending on the safety and other additions for these models, the price increases with increasing from their location in the list. To make it clear, let's take figuratively:
М42 - 50 $
М40 - $ 100
М35 - 150 $
And so on, depending on the model, year of manufacture, the presence of completeness, brands, decals and other features that should be on German helmets.
B). Has the original paint been preserved on the helmet, in what percentage?
AT). There are no holes, dents and other non-combat damage on the helmet due to natural wear and tear or other influences on it, dampness, dry air, etc., which can lead to drying of leather elements on the helmet, helmet fading and deep rust.
D). Cash on a helmet of a comforter, leather items, straps, buckles, rivets and other accessories.
D). Are there signatures on the helmet of the owner of the helmet, initials and other marks indicating belonging to the fighter's unit?
E). Brands on a German helmet are also worth looking for, we talked about where the brands are on the helmet in this article. (link)
E). Decals - decals or shields on helmets, designations on the left and right sides of the helmet in the form of shields. This important feature can greatly affect the cost of the helmet itself, since it determines which type of troops this helmet belongs to.
The presence of decals, their number and belonging to the troops, this is a very interesting, extensive and endless topic in the history of German helmets.


- How is the price of a German helmet formed?
Considering all the points listed above, we can safely talk about the formation of the price for a helmet, but it is worth considering that all helmets are original and originality also affects the addition to the price, there is no helmet that is repeated twice.
If the model, color, decal can be repeated, then such distinctive features as damage, signature, frame for camouflage, "bird net", the presence of painted camouflage.


- How much do German helmets cost
Each collector and seller of a German helmet has its own cost for a device, taking into account all the above features of German helmets, their condition, model, color and belonging to the troops forms the price itself, not forgetting naturally about the condition of the helmet and its non-standard features. After the collector of German helmets has collected the entire range of German helmets, he wants to get an unusual helmet for his collection. Prices for German helmets can be from $ 20, this is what we are talking about a digging rusty and crumbling helmet, often even such diggers cannot stand it from the forest, but hang on trees and up to several thousand dollars, these are naturally rare well-preserved models of German helmets in full complete set. Not every collector wants to part with a rare helmet. And not every collector will throw a lot of money on fantastic foolery specimens with an incomprehensible history and an incomprehensible seller.


- How much can you sell a German helmet
The usual common model of German helmets, in average condition you can evaluate on military forums and sites offering steel German headgear without difficulty. Having roughly familiarized yourself with the different sellers of the model you are interested in, you will be able to understand less clearly how much you can put your helmet on.
When exposing a helmet, do not forget to take high-quality photos from all angles, a description of all the nuances, and attach photographs of individual elements of the helmet that you should pay attention to, you also need to clearly show the stamps on the helmet, the state of the decal, elements of accessories and body kit, clearly display the signature or other designations on the helmet.
If the buyer is specifically interested, additional photographs and history of the helmet catfish may be requested.


-Why not rush to sell a German helmet?
Do not forget about outbids, which offer you to throw off the helmet at bargain prices. Yes, there are such moments if your price suits the seller, and of course you are ready to give this helmet for that kind of money, taking into account the mailing, then you can safely sell the helmet.


- Where do you buy German helmets
In addition to the websites and forums of military antiques, you can walk through flea markets and thrift stores to check prices at flea markets. Although I sometimes analyzed the prices for German helmets in antique stores, and only apart from the dead helmets that I don't sell at all, I did not see anything interesting, and by the way, the price for these helmets was higher than for my helmets that I display on my website in the German helmets section.
To buy a helmet on the Internet can only be afforded by camards who trust the seller and have repeatedly bought helmets from him, they also buy helmets from well-established resources.
We, in turn, can only recommend our resource and guarantee the decency and declared quality of German helmets. Since 2013, we have been selling German helmets on Schweik ru, during the entire existence of the site we have sold more than 200 German helmets, all helmets that are declared on the site are in stock and are sold only on a 100% prepayment
In addition to the site, they buy helmets from us on Instagram, classmates, on YouTube and in contact, these are modern social networks that are convenient for our hobby. In these social networks, you can easily observe us and personally see the birth of the German helmet, its path to the bathhouse and the result!
You can also find nSS:
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- Why are dug German helmets so expensive
The price for kopanina is formed taking into account the conditions and points described above, a good dug pot is always in price, dug helmets are deep in the ground, and they are preserved, that is, at the time of hitting the ground in what state the helmet was, it is removed in this way. Depending on the soil and storage conditions in the ground, the helmet is preserved.


- Why is the helmet poorly preserved in the ground?
Many factors affect the safety of the helmet in the ground, the lack of oxygen, sand, black soil, the depth of the helmet. For example, if the kason is riding, then after 75 years of time it turns into a rotten helmet, which, when taken in hand, simply crumbles before our eyes.
If the helmet was on the owner, on a German soldier, or it was picked up from the soldier's burial, then the helmet will also have clear signs of destruction, because organic matter kills iron, and this applies not only to corpses, but also if there was straw at the bottom of the trench, then the place where there was a touch of the helmet and straw will be damaged by rust.
A German helmet lay with another iron, if there was a German helmet and a bunch of other iron trash in the discharge, and she touched it, in this case, the place to which other metal objects adjoined would also be affected by foci of rust.


- It is better to buy a helmet that has not been restored. Why?
The first reason not to buy a restored helmet is because there are a lot of unrecovered helmets in their original paint, be sure to ask the seller if the helmet has been restored, what changes were made to it, what was added?
German helmets always attract with their valuable, especially when you look and the helmet seems to be quite good and the paint is not burnt out, but the price? why is such a price for a helmet low?
Everything is very simple, rusty, rotten, leaky and chipped helmets are restored, boiled, putty, skinned, primed and repainted, then they become obsolete and apply the necessary emblems or give the necessary authenticity, for example, as an orderly, etc.
The price for remanufactured helmets is much less. Than those helmets that cannot be restored. Hence, of course, the price of the helmet.


- What is the minus of the restored German helmets?
After restoration, German helmets lose their originality in the first place, many collectors do not like restored German helmets, give them their native color, native body kit and original decals. The collection component immediately disappears after restoration interventions, and real collectors do not want to see restored helmets in their collections.
Often I saw in the collections of people who collect military things restored (fufly) restored helmets and steamed to collectors for wild money. And people with such enthusiasm told me about these shirts that I did not start to upset them. That they have putty helmets assembled from what was with low quality caps, decals and other bells and whistles.


- A helmet with a surprise
In fact, under a layer of a repainted helmet, you will not know what you did with it and in fact it is a pig in a poke, visually, it looks like it should look like in old photographs of that time, but in fact it is a pig in a poke and if you are willing to pay for surprises, then take risks, but after buying helmets with surprises, the collector loses the desire to buy restored helmets and everyone wants to have the original in the collection, even if it is in combat and with certain combat losses. (This is already a separate type of collecting - Helmets with combat damage)
 Not everyone can afford a German helmet in a warehouse, in a native color with a native comforter - this is very expensive and such helmets diverge into private collections, in such helmets they do not perform at reconstructions and in other battle scenes where it can be damaged or even lose the cherished device.